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Strategic Planning and Consultation Services

Every organization must have a strategic plan in place to ensure success in today's constantly changing, fast-paced marketplace. Plans of one, three, five years or more will help set your company's direction, identify lucrative opportunities, and improve customer service.

Let Auster Wang BCS take you and your organization through this critical planning process and provide guidance in its execution. 

  • Facilitation of the entire planning process;
  • Strategic plan development for mergers and acquisitions;
  • Teambuilding for transitional and organizational leadership;
  • Strategies for building common culture after mergers and acquisitions

Association Management Services

Auster Wang BCS offers specialized strategic planning and operational guidance to meet the unique needs of associations:

  • Managing a Board;
  • Communication and information;
  • Building advocacy and grass roots programs.

For more information, contact 

Auster Wang BCS

(P) 518.469.9961 (F) 518.583.9335  

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