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Education and Leadership Services

Do you have a good team, but want to make them better by enhancing and growing their skills? Are you looking for tailored programming and training to help your company reach the higher potential of your mission and bottom line? Would you like to plan and deliver a community educational event? Do you need an event or program speaker who can motivate and educate your attendees?

Auster Wang will develop and deliver customized education and training programs that will take your people and organization to the next level. Choose an individual topic or crate a customized one or two day program that includes your choice of topics listed below:

Leadership Development and Management Training

  • From Manager to Supervisor ​
  • Being an Effective Supervisor
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Delegation
  • Performance Reviews
  • Effective Communications
  • Time Management
  • Surviving and Thriving After Reorganziation

Educational Conferences

Learn how to plan and deliver an effective program or multiple-day conference:

  • Conference site selection
  • Conference planning and on-site coordination/management
  • Strategies for program design and development
  • Selecting the right speaker(s)
  • Writing brochure content
  • Conference special events

Program Speaker

Phyllis Wang is a well-known speaker who can deliver presentations or remarks on topics as diverse as management, home and community based health care and other health related current affairs.

For further information please contact: 

Auster Wang BCS

(P) 518.469.9961 (F) 518.583.9335  

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